Open the Anahata Heart Chakra | 7 postures and advice

The Anahata heart chakra , which means “point of life” in Sanskrit, is the fourth chakra. Like the other 6 chakras, it has an impact on the emotional, energetic and physical levels. There are countless reasons to open the Anahata heart chakra . A blocked chakra is a sign of inner dysfunction. Our body being part of a harmonious whole, each of its parts must be synchronized. It is therefore by balancing the chakras one by one that we transform into a balanced person, accomplished and master of our life.

Discover the heart chakra, Anahata

You guessed it, the heart chakra is located in the center of the body, on the breastbone, that is to say at the level of the heart muscle. He is represented by a green lotus with 12 petals. Its color is green or pink . As with all chakras, an element is attributed to it: here, it is air since it represents freedom. Anahata is connected to:

  • sweetness ;
  • the balance ;
  • compassion;
  • love;
  • the emotions ;
  • devotion.

In Kundalini Yoga, the heart chakra is the central chakra, the one that connects the upper chakras (the mind or the spiritual plane) to the lower chakras (the earth or the physical plane). It is crucial, it is “ the heart of the whole chakra system ”.

Detect a blockage in the heart chakra

When the heart chakra is not open, it is difficult to come to feel gratitude, the desire for love, or even to forgive. Without a balance of this chakra, it is complicated to approach difficult things and subjects, to manage them, not even to see the positive side.

Open the Anahata heart chakra

In order to open the heart chakra, you can practice meditation. During your sessions, I invite you to recite positive affirmations . Use the following terms: merit, love, forgiveness, etc. Wearing green or pink is also a way to strengthen the heart chakra. If you are interested in lithotherapy, do not hesitate to use rose quartz which is a jewel of the heart. Your diet can also have an impact on the opening of the chakra. Once again, turn to green foods: cucumbers, spinach, green apples, peas, kiwis, avocados, etc.

Choosing the yoga postures to open Anahata

When you start a yoga session, it is always interesting to set an intention. If you have the blocked heart chakra, I invite you to direct your intention towards its opening. During your breaths and during the performance of asanas, remember your will. Here are some yoga postures to open the Anahata heart chakra.

1. The camel pose

The camel pose is one of the asanas recommended to work on the flexibility of the back, the opening of the heart and the release of the Anahata heart chakra . During the posture, remember to push the pelvis away from the feet, and towards the sky. It is the same for the heart.

Camel Posture Ustrasana to become flexible of the back

2. The low lunge and the high lunge

Anjaneyasana low lunge pose
High lunge posture

The two variations of the slit allow an opening of the chest according to the positioning of the arms and hands. When placed above the head, the arms allow the release of Anahata . In the same way, by interweaving the fingers behind the back and pushing the arms back to the ground, we face a beautiful work of opening the heart chakra . 

3. The wild creature, Camatkarasana

The Wild Creature is an energizing heart opening posture . It is a backbend asana and a chest release. In addition to its effect on Anahata , it helps cure mild depression. It treats fatigue and it improves mental clarity.

Wild creature pose to open the Anahata heart chakra

4. The cobra and the dog upside down

In the head-up dog and the cobra posture, the work at the chest opening is similar. The shoulder blades are tightened, the chest is free, facing up and forward. It is the opening of the chest that will allow the energies to circulate, and thus, to release the heart chakra .

Cobra or dog head up

5. The fish pose

The fish pose can be done actively or passively. Either way, it is an ideal posture to open the Anahata heart chakra . In the active version, the hands are placed under the buttocks and the forearms are resting on the floor. In the passive version, the arms can be along the body or crosswise. To lift the breast, it is necessary to place a support such as a yoga brick under the back, at the level of the attachment of a bra.

Matsyasana fish pose

6. Balances with arch of the back: “hollow back”

Opening of the heart with hollow back

It is possible to work on the opening of the heart chakra while having a little fun. For this, I suggest a balanced inversion on the hands and an arch in the back. This is also called a hollow back. These balances can also be done on the forearms. Work on the chest is similar.

In this posture, we try to soften the back , but also to free the chest . The shoulder blades need to be tightened so that there is room for the rib cage.

7. The wheel, Chakrasana

The wheel posture called Chakrasana, is very suitable for opening the Anahata heart chakra . Even if you are not yet very flexible in your back and your shoulders are not above your wrists yet, you can practice this asana. You will always find the effects on the heart chakra .

Become supple of the back: Chakrasana wheel pose

You now know the postures that can help you open the Anahata heart chakra . The energy centers can have a strong power on our body and on our mind. So I invite you to listen to your body, to analyze it and to free it from all the tensions and bad connections that prevent it from healing. If you know of other postures to help release the heart chakra , I invite you to share them in the comments.

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