Strengthen your wrists | Reasons, and Exercises

Wrist muscles are a part of the body that you don’t often think about building muscle. Adepts of gyms, yoga, tennis, golf, or other sports activities, we often think of building our upper body muscles, of becoming more flexible of the legs, but too little often of strengthening the wrists. Strengthening your wrists is however important because the strength of the latter is directly linked to the strength of the arms. Do you have fragile wrists and want to strengthen them? Your goal is to get bigger wrists? Are you looking for movements to strengthen the wrists? Here are exercises to strengthen the wrists, with and without equipment. Also, discover yoga postures to develop wrist strength.

The benefit of strengthening your wrists

Before presenting the different movements to perform to strengthen your wrists, I will briefly discuss the interest of strengthening your wrists. You may just want to gain confidence with a better handshake when greeting someone. However, the stakes can go further.

You may want to strengthen the bone structure of your wrists or rebalance the strength between your two wrists (we all have a stronger wrist) in order to secure your daily movements, or for a sport. A muscular wrist is a wrist that is more resistant to impact. If you want to get into snowboarding, you will quickly understand the value of having strong wrists in the event of a bad fall …

It is also possible to preserve your wrists over the long term, by strengthening them . This helps to avoid developing health problems. I am thinking in particular of the carpal tunnel syndrome (canal located on the inside of the wrist). This condition affects the nerves or tendons, and reduces the mobility of the wrist. It is one of the most frequent illnesses in the professional world. This is particularly the case for people who spend a lot of time on their computer (there are also ergonomic mice to correct the positioning of the wrist).

If you have pain in your wrists and don’t strengthen them, you’ll also be more prone to strains , sprained wrists, and other joint injuries . Indeed, the muscles protect the joints. Not being a professional in the field, I invite you to consult a professional who can prescribe you wrist rehabilitation sessions if you find yourself in one of these situations: pain, recurrent tendonitis, joint health problems, etc.

If you practice gymnastics, yoga, or some other sport that requires you to support weight on your wrists , I’m sure you realize the importance of having healthy wrists . All parts of the arm are important. To support your own weight, you need to strengthen your arms, elbows and wrists.

Yoga movements and postures for wrist strengthening

Whether you are a practitioner of yoga or not, this discipline offers a wide range of postures to strengthen the wrists . I have grouped some of them together to introduce you to yoga if you are a novice, or to enhance your sessions if you already practice it. 

1. The cow cat pose

The cat-cow pose is often used to relax the spine. However, it also helps strengthen the wrists passively . During the round back and hollow back, the arms push back into the ground. This asana (posture) is therefore ideal to start and not to over-strain the wrists.

Bitilasana cow pose to relax the back
Marjarasana cat pose

2. The posture of the cobra and the head-up dog

These two yoga postures use the same movement: pushing back the ground while lifting the weight of the body. In the cobra pose, all you have to do is pull your upper body up. The legs remain in contact with the ground. In contrast, in the head-up dog posture, only the feet and hands touch the mat. So I would say that the second posture is more intense.

3. The dog upside down to strengthen his wrists

The downward dog pose, Adho Mukha Svanasana, is a very complete pose. It literally relaxes all parts of the body : ankles, calves, back of knees, buttocks, back, arms and of course, wrists. Used as a transition posture in yoga routines, or sometimes as a resting posture, it remains difficult for beginners to perform. Here is an article to help you achieve the downward dog posture .

The dog upside down to strengthen the wrists

4. The low plank: Chaturanga Dandasana

Plank posture to strengthen the wrists

Like any variation of the plank, Chaturanga Dandasana helps strengthen the arms, shoulders and back muscles. It also helps to soften the wrists . This posture requires perfect alignment of the body. If it is too difficult for you at first, you can start by doing a “simple plank” on the hands. Otherwise, bend your arms, keeping your elbows tight.

5. The side plank and its variations

For strengthening the wrists , side planks are very effective. Indeed, the weight rests only on one hand (and often a foot). You must therefore find the balance and distribute your weight with the strength of the wrist and of course, the abdominals.

6. The crow pose to strengthen your wrists
The crow pose to strengthen your wrists

 This yoga pose is an intermediate level. It requires strength in the arms, strength in the wrists and balance. The entire body weight rests on the wrists. I therefore advise you to stretch your wrists beforehand. The flexibility of the wrists is a real asset in order to hold the posture for several breaths, and why not, to follow up on variations.

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