Yoga for Beginners 7 Postures and Tips

Do you want to start yoga but don’t know where to start? Would you like to learn more about the basics of yoga? Mastering the practice of yoga is one of your goals, but are you still a beginner yogi? Are you wondering if beginner yoga is accessible to you? In order to answer all your questions, I will help you orient you towards the right type of yoga to start the discipline. I will also give you information on the material you will need to learn yoga. I will also offer you postures and yoga sessions for beginners. Don’t be shy, remember that we are all new to yoga at some point. So here we go, it is now time for you to start yoga.

The necessary equipment during a yoga session for beginners

If you have the urge to learn yoga, you are probably wondering if you are going to need materials. It is true that we do not always want to invest a fortune in equipment when we do not know if an activity will please us. If you already have a fitness mat at home, you can start yoga with this. However, if you have to buy a mat, I strongly suggest that you turn to a yoga mat. There are all sizes, all colors, for different types of practice, for dry hands, for wet hands, etc.

If you decide to learn yoga more in depth, then now is the time to turn to yoga accessories . I am thinking in particular of yoga bricks (also called yoga blocks) and straps. This material can really help you progress in your yoga practice by:

  • filling a lack of flexibility;
  • securing your practices;
  • helping you correct alignments, etc.

Rhythm and breathing in practice

The majority of yogis have their favorite styles of yoga . This may also change over time. For you who is a beginner yogi , I advise you to start with a gentle yoga that offers simple and slow sequences . In this way, you will be able to take the time to learn how to do the yoga postures correctly. It’s also a good way to start and take the time to familiarize yourself with the sensations that run through your body. In any case, do not be surprised if your thighs heat up during certain postures. The yoga for beginners it is not to rest… You adapt your practice, but you work anyway!

There are several types of breaths : chest breathing, abdominal breathing, Ujjayi breathing, etc. If these terms are unclear to you, that’s okay. To keep it simple and short, here is what you absolutely must remember: you must pay special attention to your breath. As a beginner in yoga , I suggest that you breathe only through your nose, and not cut your breath. It is thanks to her that you will guide your movements and that you will progress. It helps you to hold the postures, to gain flexibility and to release tension. 

Yoga at home vs yoga with a teacher

One of the questions that comes up often before starting yoga is: should you start yoga at home or in the studio ?

I don’t think there is a single correct answer to this question. For my part, I discovered the discipline during a ten-day yoga retreat. The days were busy, so I was able to learn a lot from the teachers (both about the postures and about the effects of yoga on the body). Afterwards, I continued to practice yoga from home on my own.

Case # 1   : If you don’t yet know if you really like yoga, you probably don’t want to enroll in a studio. This often represents a cost and a more or less long-term commitment. However, if you can afford it, I can only advise you to learn the basics of yoga with a yoga teacher. In this way, if you perform the postures badly, the teacher can correct your alignments and give you personalized advice.

Case 2 : If you choose to start yoga at home , you can take beginner yoga classes online . For an initiation to yoga from home , all you need is a computer, tablet or phone. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, you will be spoiled for choice between doing your yoga indoors , or doing your yoga outdoors .

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